6 Things a Great Logo Will Do for Your Business

A logo is only one part of a larger brand strategy for a business, but even so, your business’ logo alone holds immense power. A logo can truly either make or break a business—as evidenced by how much care the most successful companies put into their logos. Here is a look at six powerful things a great logo can do for your business.

Serve as the face for your brand

The most fundamental purpose of a logo, of course, is to serve as the face of your brand. It provides a quick means through which people can identify your brand—in other words, telling people who you are without you having to spell it out for them every time.

Tell people who you are

A great logo does more than simply serve as a signpost for your brand. A great logo is able to communicate who you are—and what makes you different from your competitors—while remaining simple in design. The best logos are able, even, to tell a story about the brands they represent.

Give you an edge over competitors

In the world of consumerism, people will draw conclusions about you as a company on your logo alone. When you have a truly great logo representing your company, you’ll have a competitive edge over similar companies in your industry. You’ll be marked as more professional and more competent than your competitors.

Anchor your brand’s style

A logo also serves as an anchor for your brand’s style. You’ll find color scheme, typefaces, and graphic elements all summarized in that single, simple design. You might think of your logo as a natural product of your brand’s style guide.

Build trust in your brand

A great logo builds trust in a brand. When used consistently across product packaging, brochures, direct mail pieces, business cards, and more, your logo will show confidence in who you are as a brand. When customers see and feel that confidence, they will have that kind of confidence in your brand as well.

Gain meaning and power over time

A great logo is designed to stand the test of time. It will continue to offer a visual shortcut to your brand as your brand matures. The longer your logo stands for your brand, and the longer you work to nurture your brand, the more meaningful and powerful your logo will become.