App Highlight: Wunderlist

We like to highlight apps that truly make a difference in people’s lives, and improve life in a significant way, if used correctly. For many people, Wunderlist definitely fits into this agenda. Wunderlist is a task management app that is entirely cloud based, this means that users are able to utilize it from any device, whether that be tablet, smartphone, computer, or even a watch. What’s more, Wunderlist is free (up to a certain point), and has become one of the watermarks for task management apps for consumers (and even some businesses).

Helping people accomplish more

Whether you are a professional that is trying to arrange their work week, or you just want to remember to do both your laundry and grocery shopping in the same day, Wunderlist is a useful app that allows you to assign yourself comprehensive to-do lists, set deadlines, break larger goals into different subtasks, upload photos and files, and even personalize with specialized backgrounds. Within each of these broader features is a wider array of intuitive tools, such as the ability to make notes on certain tasks and attach your Wunderlist deadlines to calendars and emails, further giving you accountability to your task lists.

Improves group productivity

There have been great task management apps before, but most of the good consumer-level ones only functioned well for personal to-do lists. However, Wunderlist takes this to the next level by allowing multiple users to be assigned to multiple tasks, at the same time, and to individual subtasks within those tasks. These different tasks, and who they’re assigned to, can be managed by a project manager. This is what set Wunderlist up to be a staple for small work teams that needed a simple and free solution to manage project workloads.

What the pro version offers

The free version of Wunderlist offers a considerable amount more than its competitors’ free versions. Usually, most task management apps struggle to be useful until you actually start to pay for them. However, at some point, Wunderlist’s free version also starts to show its limits. The free version of Wunderlist allows you to upload 5MB of files, assign 25 to-do lists, break each to-do list into 25 subtasks, and have up to 20 backgrounds to personalize from. This might be suitable for a company when it starts up, but if you want to grow beyond that initial startup phase, Wunderlist Pro enables unlimited file limits, to-do lists, and subtasks.