Best Plugins for Your Website

By September 1, 2017 No Comments

Managing a website is hard work. What may initially seem like a simple undertaking can very quickly become too time consuming. This is why a lot of people end up abandoning their website, whether it’s a personal blog or a website for their business. Luckily, there a few plugins and tools that you can use for your website that will do some of the hard work for you, so you can focus on producing great content and worry about less of the technical stuff.



Yoast is a great SEO pack, especially if you’re just beginning to figure out how to run your website. It lets you easily input your keyword, and they’ll assist you with keyword optimization and making sure that your website is readable.




One of the worst nightmares to find yourself living is to realize that you’ve been hacked. Without the property protection, your website could be taken over, and things posted without your permission. To avoid this, getting a firewall for your website is a great idea. Sucuri is a great option if you don’t have any security measures set up for your website.




This plugin is perfect if you’ve been struggling to find a good way to feature your content and work from your landing page. It creates beautiful sliders that you’re able to use on absolutely any page of your website that can be used to showcase products, announcements, and more, in an interactive and stunning way.


CSS Hero


If you have a theme on your website that you like, but have a few things that you wish looked or functioned differently, than CSS Hero is the plugin for you. WordPress themes require CSS to work, and in order to make changes to those themes, you’ll need to know how to work with CSS. That can be time consuming. Using this plugin, you don’t have to know how to code or even pretend to know how to code. It will do all of the hard work for you.




This plugin helps you schedule your posting. Keeping your clients up to date at all times is really important, but it can be impossible to manage your social accounts and website while also trying to actually run your business. Being able to schedule out your appointments means that you’ll be able to keep all of your accounts constantly updated without falling behind in any of your other work.