Get More from your Email Campaigns

By November 5, 2013 No Comments

Many people underestimate the power of an email campaign because it falls into the category of traditional marketing. In reality, it’s one of the best ways to increase your conversion in your online efforts.

Creating an effective email marketing campaign is possible if the right ingredients are present. Much like a holiday pie, there is a need for balance between crust and filling, sweetness and tartness. It’s as easy to put the right things into your email as it is to put them into your pie.

Here are some tips for baking the perfect email campaign.

1. Pretty pictures vs text.

Graphics can increase click rates as well as conversion, but they can also distract from the main call-to-action if they’re not placed strategically. It’s also possible that some of your readers may not be able to view images in their email clients, so you can’t rely solely on pixels to push your product. Cover your bases and include all of the necessary information in your email text, and then highlight the text with visuals.

2. Don’t talk with your mouth full, and say more with less.

Be careful how you word your call-to-action. Bold verbs can be promising when it comes to conversion. Consider using some of the following time-tested and ROI-proven phrases:

  • Order Now
  • Download Now
  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up Today
  • Get Your Free Trial Now
  • Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse

3. Giant pies go farther than small pies.

It’s important to ensure that your call-to-action is large enough to be noticed. Although you may have additional messages included in your email, it’s vital that your call-to-action takes visual and emotional precedence. Many readers may only scan your email, so make sure your call-to-action is scannable.

4. Cream, filling, crust.

Spread links to your call-to-action throughout your email. Realizing that your first link may get overlooked, it’s critical to have more than one link to take your readers where you want them to go. Try adding a link at the top, middle, and bottom of your emails. You’re not worried about which one gets clicked, just that one does get clicked.

5. Pie-eating contests and your ROI.

People act quickly when they feel a sense of urgency. Including some sort of deadline within your email message will prompt your readers to act. As people take action, visit your site, and purchase your products or services, you get the ROI you’ve been waiting for obtenir du viagra sans ordonnance. Without a sense of urgency, even people with intentions to act on your message may postpone, and eventually forget. That doesn’t help your ROI.

You can also try sending a series of emails as an event, sale, or service period approaches. Each email can stress that the end is near, thus compelling your readers to take action immediately.

Happy Holidays and Happy Email Baking!