Make a Lasting Impression in 2014

By December 6, 2013 No Comments

The world of advertising is moving forward at a rapid pace, and it can be easy to fall behind or find your ads in a tangled mess if you’re not careful. Consistent and powerful branding will give you an edge in any industry.

When we think of branding, we often think of a logo…and that’s all. In reality, branding gives your company an identity, a personality, a soul. A great logo is vital to powerful branding, but there is so much more that needs to be considered in the visual communication of your company.

Your brand needs to carry a consistent look and feel throughout every medium you use. The public is bombarded from every direction by different media, such as print ads, billboards, television, radio, face-to-face interaction, and the many facets of the Internet. When consumers sense a consistent look and feel from your company across every medium that you utilize, their chances of remembering who you are and what you do go way up.

With so many different media options available for advertising, it can be difficult to keep the personality of your company consistent across every medium. You run the risk of serious brand fragmentation, or creating segments of a brand that have their own needs, preferences, and feel. It is a source of confusion for your customers and can be a blow to brand loyalty.

Here are a few simple tips to help improve your brand and its influence among consumers in your market:

  • Decide which media have the greatest likelihood of reaching your target audience and focus on those.
  • Make sure that your voice is consistent throughout every medium.
  • Is your writing style consistent?
  • Does your language or attitude within writing stay consistent?
  • Make sure that the appearance of your company is consistent throughout every medium.
  • Do you have a distinct logo and consistent look for your artwork?
  • Does the physical appearance of your company or store mesh with the look and feel of your advertising?

Here at Nitch, we love branding companies! We want to help you build a powerful brand that will give you an edge on your competition and solid footing in the marketplace. Let us help you make a lasting impression in 2014.