Nitch or niche?

When we decided to call ourselves Nitch, we were concerned about the spelling. After all, our Macs are equipped with spellcheck, and what would people think? So we did some research. We were looking for other words that ended in “iche” to see if they were commonly used. We only found one word we had recently heard. Niche. We then conducted a search of words ending in “itch” to see if those were more recognizable. We then had the itch to switch the spelling from niche to nitch, assuming that if there were a minor glitch it would be nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a quick stitch.

Having concluded that “nitch” was a much more logical way to spell “niche” we determined to never again spell the word properly–excepting this post.

We have also changed the spelling of the word popsicle, but that was for different reasons, which we won’t go into.

We’re Nitch, a creative studio.