How to Pick the Best Colors for Your Website

By August 1, 2017 No Comments

There are so many things to consider when you’re creating or redesigning your website. The layout and overall appearance of your website is important, probably more important than you realize.


Why is the appearance of my website important?


Your website is a tool to gain your business. So you want every single user experience to be positive. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product to sell and great content on your website, if your website is repelling clients. Having a positive user experience is one of the most important things to keep in consideration when creating your website. If your website doesn’t look friendly, consumers will assume the products and services that you sell are as high quality as your website. Which is to say, they’ll assume your products and services aren’t worth their time and money. That’s not what we want! We want them to click on your website and read through every single page because they’re intrigued with what you’re presenting to them.


Picking what’s aesthetically pleasing


You want everything on your website to be complementary, and cohesive. If the photos that you post on your website are bold and bright, you want a background that accentuates that and doesn’t make the page too busy. A neutral color will be the most effective in a situation like that. If there are too many colors and patterns on your website, it will be much too busy, and no one will want to stay on your site long enough to look past those colors. Pick a color palette and stick to it; don’t use every color of the rainbow for different parts of your page. Make sure it stays consistent.


Different colors mean different things


The color green represents wealth, health, tranquility, and nature.

Yellow represents youthfulness, optimism, and cheerfulness.

Orange is best for showing friendliness, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Red stands for passion, energy, urgency, excitement, vibrancy, and danger.

Pink represents feminine, sweetness, innocence, fertility, and romance.

Purple stands for royalty, wealth, success, and wisdom.

Blue is best for showcasing trust, security, stability, peace, and calmness.

Gray represents neutral, simplicity, calm, futuristic, and logic.

Black shows power, luxury, sophistication, and elegance.


Understanding the emotions the different colors evoke will help you when you’re trying to decide what colors to use for your website. A good example is, if you’re a fitness company trying to market your yoga mats, you would want to stay away from colors like black, or purple. Some good colors to try instead would be green, gray, or blue.