Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

How often are you searching the web on your phone and find yourself on a website that wasn’t optimized for mobile devices? Where the text is layered on top of each other, and the pictures extend far beyond the reach of your screen? We’re guessing you don’t stay on those sites very long. It’s for this reason that optimizing your website for mobile devices is so important. Scratch that! It used to be important, but now it’s downright essential! Want it broken down? Alright. Here are a handful of reasons that your website needs to be mobile friendly…

Mobile traffic is surpassing desktop traffic

In October of 2016, mobile internet usage from phones and tablets surpassed desktop internet usage for the first time (51% to 49%). This accounts for global numbers, and the mobile share of internet usage in the United States isn’t quite as drastic (only 42%, here). However, it does speak to the fact that the world is trending mobile, and any business that fails to recognize and adjust their sails to this truth is going to find that the internet is more of an obstacle than a tool for them.

User interface and user experience are important to search engines

Earlier this year, Google released an update to its algorithm that was referred to by many in the online community as “mobilegeddon.” Essentially, this algorithm would penalize website that hadn’t taken the steps to update to a platform that was mobile friendly. Despite the dramatic nickname, this is actually in line with what Google and other search engines have been preaching for years, with user interface and user experience being key elements to strive for across a variety of different devices (whether desktop or mobile).

Mobile optimization allows for mobile conversions

Even if you could get by on search engines by only catering to desktop traffic, why would you want to? There is an enormous demographic of people who only use their mobile devices to search the internet. A lot of this demographic skews younger, as well, which is a group of possible customers that are notoriously difficult to reach for modern businesses. By failing to optimize your website for that demographic, you are hemorrhaging the potential consumer base for your company and stifling your online impact. For example, over half of all mobile users leave a website for good if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.