What’s in a Logo?

By October 18, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever been talking to someone and during the course of the conversation you start focusing more on their body language then on what they’re actually saying? Let’s say you are explaining your awesome trip to Disneyland that you just returned from with your family. You see that person sit back in their chair, fold their arms, tilt their head slightly to the right and yawn, hoping you won’t notice. What sort of message does that give you? Better wrap the story up and move on. Have you ever thought that your business logo is like body language? What does your logo design portray to customers and potential customers? Is it giving the message that you want, and stand for?

Your company logo serves three critical purposes. First, it tells people your name, it identifies you, simple as that. Second, it’s your banner; you, your employees and customers rally behind it. Your logo is symbolic of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Third, it is the first impression. People will judge your company based upon the design of your logo. They will draw their own conclusions whether or not your company is reliable, strong, honest, and so on. People do business with those they trust. Your logo needs to portray professionalism. People will look somewhere else if it doesn’t. If your logo is not visually communicating trust then it is time to consider a modification or rebrand.

Here at Nitch we recently rebranded ourselves to better serve our clients, and what a welcomed response we have been given. Knowing the three purposes for a good logo design, I want to walk you through what is in our logo. Every logo has a different story and will have different objectives and reasons, but that is key as you are building a brand; to have those objectives and reasons.

So the first one is easy viagra sans ordonnance suisse. We wanted our name incorporated in the logo so people know who we are, and we spell Nitch how most American’s pronounce it. So identity, checked. Second, we wanted something visually striking that we would have great pride in wearing, sharing, or bearing. But to make it awesome, we decided to incorporate some subliminal messages. Our name is on a slight angle which is known as a “positive angle” in design. This is important because we want to display positive attitudes in the office, and to our customers. You’ll notice that the ‘n’ has a set of wings, to show that we help our clients soar within their nitch. Those wings have three feathers which symbolize our values; Trustworthy, Communicative, and Fun. The whole logo is enclosed in what we refer to as the “spot mark”. The shape was inspired by map place markers, telling the story that we help clients locally or remotely where they are located. No matter where we serve we are helping their brand grow.

So that’s the story of Nitch in a nutshell. We invite you to consider your logo and how effective it is within the three critical purposes: Identity, Symbolism, and Impression.